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winswheels   in reply to soulight   on


Work at home? So u do that and where do the benefits come into play? U people doing that must get insurance for free? Welfare maybe? No talk about any of that? Too many looking for a free ride. What ever happened to get off your ass and go get a job. I myself have tried several times to find helpers for my businesses and most are just lazy asses looking for a hand out and really don't want a job. Now just go figure?
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winswheels   in reply to Jennitasia   on

About Jennitasia

 in response to franwils...   What a place to leave off in the middle of a sentence? Whats the rest of the story?
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winswheels   in reply to Wellness Coach   on

About Wellness Coach

Hey wellness. U say corporate wellness? U should do your research and write a book on Corporate Mental Illness. The Silent crimes in America and most likely around the world. The conartists that make up a company and do evil things and break laws in the vain name of making a buck. The things that they do to others and the rotten elements that many possess all come out in the workplace. The workplace is a warzone. You are subject to so many things that literally makes u sick. They Violate the very essence of your character and they think they are better than all. The Law does Nothing about these types. Excuses are offered by many to brush it off and pretend like it does NOT exist!
So use your degree's to pursue justice in the work/warzones!! Maybe there is a real accomplishment waiting to be had by you!!
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winswheels   in reply to SupermanUcL   on

About SupermanUcL

U have all the education and u can't figure out how to get a Passport and / or Visa? Federal Tuition aid U have? How are u going to use that in Australia?
I think u better just take some time off schooling and get a real job and save up 4 your future. Make an investment in yourself? Shouldn't be hard if u have the scholling u say u have? If thats a problem, then this whole thing is questionable?
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winswheels   in reply to Heather Niicole   on

About Heather Niicole

No updates since June 2010? Can't be much of a need if No word since then? U gotta wonder about these things?
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winswheels   in reply to Hopeful_Guy   on

An easy way to send and receive cash

This Guy must work for Paypal who is Owned by Ebay. Their credit card is of NO use to u without any money in the account. U have to channel your own money into the account. Then u can charge whatever u like, Until u run out of funds. No advantage to having a paypal account!! If u want a real charge card, Go somewhere else. I do know one thing, U surely don't want paypal and Ebay involved in your financial affairs!! Paypal likes to take money without your consent sometimes. Be careful.
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Aidpage-Who are they Kidding?

AIDPAGE? They say...Do NOT post links to COMMERCIAL offers from other websites here on Aidpage..What are all the ads on every page all about? Who are they kidding? Who runs the show around here? Wake up! Get rid of these Bogus ads on every page! They all want your money! Just rip offs!
Another thing. Why don't they have a searchbox for this site in specific instead of Google? What is up with That? U come here looking for a specific item of interest and U can't just search it out and go there. Instead, NOTHING BUT BOGUS SCAM OPERATORS WITH THEIR STUPID ADS TRYING TO HOODWINK U AND TAKE U FOR ALL THEY CAN!!
Aidpage Operator? What's wrong with you?
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Modeling Careers to those who want the best in life.

Anyone here in Lancaster,Pa.? Interested in a Modeling career maybe? Email me at
This is for candidates who have ambition and want the chance at becoming a model. There is competition of course, But with the right people working with you, U just may succeed!! Open minded and willingness to pursue your dream whatever it takes. Just need a good attitude and be determined. The world can be yours if u really want it? No need to move, u stay in the area. U can move if u want to, But it's NOT recommended. Work is available to the right people. WE'll talk and take it from there. 3 easy steps to possible success. The first in contact me. Ok. Thanx. C U soon.


$385,000.00...U CAN DO IT!

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winswheels   in reply to Marissa369   on

About Marissa369

Hello marissa. Send me an email at
Maybe I can help u out. We'll talk. Just not here in public view.
Some things are better dealt with privately. Ok. Things are bound to get better. They have to. Talk at u soon. Ok. Thanx.
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winswheels   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

 in response to char6...   I 4 one will tell you if u are in a Bankruptcy Proceeding, It will come to an end one day. You are NOT in control like your attorney is leading you to beleve. Chap. 13 does nothing for you. You have been dupped!! You have been fooled.
At the Best scenario if u win your bid, you will end up with 2 payments on that house. First will be the Primary mortgage payment. Second will be all the Late fees and late payments and taxes, insurance and all the rest of what goes along with owning a house. All you are doing at the moment is avoiding the inevitable doom that is coming your way. At some point, U must come up with a way to pay all that is owed. There is NO Escape. Contrary to popular belief. If it was that easy, we could all do the same thing. Don't be a fool. If u are having problems, U should be trying to sell the house and get out of there.
Only an idiot stays at the house and endures many years of pain. Your credit is destroyed right now. Your credit will never get better until this is all over. Then to top it off, you will have a bankruptcy on record for 10 years. If u have any plans for a brighter future, then get smart and get out of that situation. Screw that attorney? Ask that attorney yourself? If bankruptcy is so great, has he ever done it? I guarantee u the answer is: NO!!
Then ask why Not? He's collecting a paycheck from u while u go down the tubes in shame and in the end, U will lose everything. I guarantee u, that YOU will not escape what awaits for you if u do NOT get out of that mess u are in. If attorneys told u the truth, they would starve!!
He knew right from the start whether or NOT u could win your request for a bankruptcy? U own an asset. All Chap. 13 does for anybody is buy u some additional time to pay off some of what you owe. It does NOT discharge any debt. The Mortgage is still there and it will never go away as long as u play this game. But the game will soon be over. There are time limits. U must have an income to make chap.13 work. U must bring everything up to current levels, NOt way behind. The House is an asset. Even if the Bankruptcy court would decide in your favor, they will force u into selling everythiung possible to get the money to pay off everything that is owed. U are ultimately responsible for payment NO matter what!! Chase bank will win in time if U do NOT make the right choices. SELL that House or move out. Either way, give back the house to the bank before they destroy u? This is NOT a game they play. This is for real my friend. Too many people get fooled into thinking like you are and end up with nothing. You will then ask your Attorney: " What Happened and why did we lose?". He will tell u, " Sorry Charlie, Better Luck Next time".
Ok. There u go sir, Get the hell out of that mess. Sell that house as soon as u can. If NOt, move out!! Stop the bankruptcy on your own. Take control and be smart in what you do. U must end this mess immediately. Do NOT allow the bankruptcy to go through. What the bannkruptcy could do for u, U could have done it yourself. U can call the Bank and willingly offer the house back to them.They may do it and allow that, But they may not either. Hard to say. Whatever u do, Do it immediately. NO BANKRUPTCY!! Thats a Fact! Believe it or NOT.Take Care.
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winswheels   in reply to lizzyv   on

About lizzyv

Dealing in foreclosures is my full time business. My advice? Move out and forget about the mortgae and the house. The only way 2 solve a problem is 2 get rid of the problem. Very simple. U just walk away. There really is not much they can do about it. If they don't like it, too bad. U called to try and work it out, they told u, too bad. Now u tell them to shove it! Move out of the state. Start a new life elsewhere and u will see in time, u will be just fine. Your credit will take a hit for awhile, But so what? It's already in the tank. Let the Bank take the house back. One thing 4 sure u must do. Close out all your savings and checking accounts. Do not use them 4 anything from this day forward. Get a New account with a different bank. Do NOt pay the Mortgage. Do not pay because they can trace you and the account u are using. They could freeze the account if they find it. Any money in the account at that point will be frozen in place and U will NOT be able to get any of it back out again. Relocate. Get a Cell Phone. Not a Landline. Do not give out your social security number to anybody. I mean anybody!! NOBODY!! This Number traces your every move. U can get a job somewhere without giving that number out on the application. Once u are hired, then u can give the number. U have to do that in order to get paid. Just don't give this number out ahead of time to anybody. There is NO need to. Don't give your email address either. Just say u don't have one. Stay low undercover until the bank foreclosure process is over. After they take it back, your credit will begin it's repair mode. Once the bank takes it back, there will be no more late fees and no more late payments. The mortgage comes to an end. Its all over. Now u can relax and wait it out for your credit to rebuild. 2 years and u can get another house with a new mortgage. Believe it or Not? Go somewhere and rent a place. Keep your utilities paid on time and your rent. At Least something will be on time. It's not so bad really. U will see. In the end, its all a Blessing in disguise.
I have thousands of foreclosure records here at my disposal and nobody really ever gets hurt. It all works out in the long run. Ok. Sub prime or not, the #1 Reason 4 foreclosure is Loss of Income. Then its Medical, death, divorce etc..
Sub Prime is just a term 4 risky loans that the Banks made and they knew what would happen when they did it. Serves them right. Ok. Take Care.
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winswheels   in reply to Blueyes267   on


Ok. So u get help this time. What about the next time. That is just a few days away if u are renting? U need to get out of there. Don't worry about the rent.
They can't just kick u out on the spot. Thats Illegal. If u are unemployed and have a child, go to the welfare office immediately and at least get whatever help u can for the moment. It wil at Least hold u over for a little while until u figure out your next move? Let go of the past and focus on the future. U have to. U have no choice. U need to take care of yourself and that child. U will be fine. U will see that soon. U can email me at
I could talk at u a little more from there. Ok Take care.
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Need help to fix my poor old jeep >.<

Just so u all know what this disease is suppose to be. Read this---
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher - 2 reference results
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Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD) is a rare central nervous system disorder in which coordination, motor abilities, and intellectual function are delayed to variable extents.
The disease is one of a group of genetic disorders called the leukodystrophies that affect growth of the myelin sheath, the fatty covering--which acts as an insulator--on nerve fibers in the brain. It is caused by a usually recessive mutation of the gene on the long arm of the X-chromosome (Xq21-22) that codes for a myelin protein called proteolipid protein 1 or PLP1. The majority of disease-causing mutations are duplications of the entire PLP1 gene. There are several forms of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease including classic, connatal, transitional, adult variants. Interestingly, deletions at the PLP1 locus cause a milder form of PMD than is observed with the typical duplication mutations. This demonstrates the critical importance of gene dosage at this locus for normal CNS function. Milder mutations of the PLP1 gene that mainly cause leg weakness and spasticity, with little or no cerebral involvement, are classified as spastic paraplegia 2 (SPG2). The onset of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is usually in early infancy. The most characteristic early signs are nystagmus (rapid, involuntary, rhythmic motion of the eyes) and hypotonia (low muscle tone). Motor abilities are delayed or never acquired, mostly depending upon the severity of the mutation. Most children with PMD learn to understand language, and usually have some speech. Other signs may include tremor, incoordination, involuntary movements, weakness, unsteady gait, and over time, legs and arms may become spastic. Muscle contractures (shrinkage or shortening of a muscle) often occur over time. Mental functions may deteriorate. Some patients may have convulsions and skeletal deformation, such as scoliosis, resulting from abnormal muscular stress on bones.
The diagnosis of PMD is often first suggested after identification by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of abnormal white matter (lumpy too) throughout the brain, which is typically evident by about 1 year of age, but more subtle abnormalities should be evident during infancy. Unless there is a family history consistent with sex-linked inheritance, the condition is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy. The most common mutations, accounting for 50 to 70% of PMD cases, that cause PMD are complete duplications of the region of the X chromosome containing the PLP1 gene. Small mutations within the PLP1 gene itself account for about 20% of cases. Some of the remaining cases are accounted for by mutations in the gap junction A12 ( GJA12 ) gene, and are now called Pelizaeus-Merzbacher-like disease (PMLD). Other cases of apparent PMD do not have mutations in either the PLP1 or GJA12 genes, and are presumed to be caused either by mutations in other genes, or by mutations not detected by sequencing the PLP1 gene exons and neighboring intronic regions of the gene. Once a PLP1 or GJA12 mutation is identified, prenatal diagnosis or preimplantation genetic diagnostic testing is possible.
There is no cure for PMD, nor is there a standard course of treatment. Treatment, which is symptomatic and supportive, may include medication for seizures and spasticity. Regular evaluations by physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedic, developmental and neurologic specialists should be made to ensure optimal therapy and educational resources. The prognosis for those with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is highly variable, with children with the most severe form (so-called connatal) usually not surviving to adolescence, but survival into the sixth or even seventh decades is possible, especially with attentive care. Genetic counseling should be provided to the family of a child with PMD.
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winswheels   in reply to goodnewsforyou   on

Have you helped anyone on this website? (by giving money)

All that matters is what u think at the time. Giving is a gamble. U only give what u can afford. Don't give anymore. Don't expect anything and dont hold any unrealistic expectations. They are strangers and if u give, u know why u did it and most likely it came from your heart. After that, It does not matter what happens. If they don't live close to u, u should probably just move on and not help at all.Some people say, U should not ask anything of them? Why Not? Make them prove what they state. Don't be a sucker. U need to see for yourself what the real deal is? There is no need to give to those far away. There are plenty right in your own area of the country. We all know that. Just pay attention when you are driving around and you can see plenty of people who need help at times. But don't start something that will have you tied up in it forever. U look, U saw, U move on. If u are walking around some town, Never Carry much money. $5.00 is it. If U get stopped by some bozo begging or possibly a near mugging, the $5.00 will save your life. Better have something to give at that moment. They will not believe u if u say, " I have None?". $5.00 is nothing to lose. Big amounts can wipe u out and maybe even get u killed. Good Luck. Take Care.

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winswheels   in reply to niakia   on


U deposit the check. Then it bounces. You become liable for the money. Also any fees attached to the rubber check. The culprit gets the cash and u end up screwed. Thats how these things work. Don't be stupid and call anybody either. U never know what they may have to say? Be careful.
U can call the police, But they will do nothing either. The crooks have the system figured out. They really do. They send hundreds of those bogus checks out to people and I guarantee you, there are some who will try and deposit the money into an account. Unbelievably stupid. All you can do is laugh at them.
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winswheels   in reply to ranna1119   on

please help I am so behind

These people were here 3 years ago? Where are they now? Must have been a BS story?
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winswheels   in reply to The Wizard   on

How to protect ourselves from scammers?

All I can say to this stupid nonsense: So What! Who gives a Rats ass?
Don't live life in Fear. Fear nobody. Screw 'em all. They will not do anything to hurt you. They are nothing but lying cowards. If U like, Bring your sorry ass to y front door. I have a gift to give u. It will send u into a whole realm of reality that you never even thought about? Come on u chicken shit. Come to papa.
If you're that stupid to get caught up in some scam bs story like that miky777 moron, U deserve it.
WE should hope for another Tsunami to hit his area. Take him out of existance.
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winswheels   in reply to Massage Lady   on

About Massage Lady

So what does massage and Real Estate have in common? How do u bring those 2 things into the same picture? Hmmmmmmmmm?
I think that email address is no good. I am a Real Estate Investor. I have been asked before from people who want a leg up on things. They want help to do the same thing you are talking about. I flip homes and I have bought at the sheriff sales and I also came up with a very unique way of making money in the foreclosure market. Now all I have to do is rsearch and provide info and get paid for it. Easy money. There is a great opportunity knocking at the door. Most people don't see it. But thats good. I don't want them too. Just creates competition. The way 2 succeed is to have system that no one else has. Have a game plan that nobody else knows about. Your in SC. I'm In Pa. Near impossible to make anything work. Sounds like your single and free to move around. There would definitely be some requirements on my part to teach someone what I know? The Beauty of what I do these days is that It does NOT cost any money to do it. But yet, there is tons of money that I can make. So I have several options available to me. I can flip, I can invest or I can provide the info to someone else to help them obtain their goals of making big money and I get paid for it. It's really awesome. I love it. I have tried several times to find good help to help me make things happen, But it just doesn't work out. Too many people have too many limits. They really don't want to succeed. They really don't want to work. They want a handout or just some real quick cash and then you never see them again.Anyhow, I wish u well and good luck. I dont think I can help you. We are too far apart. Your terms that you laid out are NOT workable. Be careful in what you do. There's a lot to learn before you enter into any contract with somebody. email is Thats Just want to make sure the system does not lose it. Ok. Thanx.
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winswheels   in reply to The Wizard   on

Government Grants

 in response to BrianL...   Then the answer will be. Move to someplace where there is Work. If that area is dried up, Move on. Any help u may get here will never be enough. At some point u must find a way to support things.If u really want to make it happen, U will. Pretty simple. I have never been out of work. I am fortunate. But I find many ways to make money and I have done fairly well in life. U can to. Don't depend on others for anything. Do it yourself. It's the only way.Ok. Good Luck.
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winswheels   in reply to The Wizard   on

Government Grants

 in response to BrianL...   

U have to know by now, that when your unemplyment runs out, you're pretty much screwed. Find a job or go belly up? If you are a caucasion type, u may find it very difficult to find any kind of help. It's a vicious world. Welfare would be next. There are jobs out there, Just depends on what u are willing to do. If times are tough, U do any job u have to in order to survive and take care of your responsibilities.

There are always restaurant jobs. They are a dime a dozen. There is maintenance jobs. Here again, Dime a dozen. Drive a Local delivery Truck. Companies are always looking for drivers. There is NOt enough drivers to fill all the jobs. It's not that hard to find work. The key is u have to want to.U have no choice if u expect to survive. Good luck on any grants. They don't exist. Evene if they did, it's only tempoarary and u will be right back where u are today. A job is your only solution just short of winning the lottery.By the way, If u have custody of the kids, why isn't the wife paying support? Take care.

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